Ruska – Day two

The second day of Ruska has passed. The challenges start to ad up and riders get in to their rhythm. During the first night, most stayed on their bikes, except for the ferry ride, and last night was the first to actually find a place to sleep. Some found better spots than others, but anything goes when you’re tired enough.

Weather has been wet, even though the sun has been peeking behind the clouds.

The harsh conditions together with the terrain at the end of the route of the first control finishing to Oravivuori, has taken it’s toll on the equipment, eating the brake pads of at least two riders, Matti Jutila and Pompo Stenberg, and a gear cable of the latter.

Route choices

Most seem to favor the western option passing the lake Päijänne, gaining a flatter route. A few have taken the road on the east coast too, enjoying a nice small country road with lots of small hills and the slightly bigger and to some extent famous Vaarunvuori.

Matti Ainasoja is now the lanterne rouge, after going around the Gulf of Finland via Russia, and has just passed the first point of the control 1.


Ruska isn’t an easy task, and we already have the first two who have had to throw in the towel. Antti Ahde was battling with knee pain and Esa Salonen had missed the part of the first control and was too far to turn back.

Next up

The fastest riders are on their way up north along the rather big road number four, Janne Villikkaand Mikko Kainu being the two furthest up. The next ones, led by Mikko Mäkipää, have chosen to take smaller roads and might find a slightly shorter route to the control 2. Right now the views are mostly wet darkness for both options, but we’ll see what tomorrow brings. For the next day the temperature is expected to be between 6-10 °C with a bit of headwind. The rain should stop at noon, which would provide nice views from the control 2 on the top of Kivesvaara.

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