Update 3.10.: The quiz is now over and the controls are Helsinki, Kurikka, Pallas, Sodankylä and Tromsø.

The #ruska2024quiz hints are published here. The answer will still have to be sent in Twitter using #ruska2024quiz. Once someone Tweets the answer with correct start, finish and 3 controls using #ruska2024quiz the route will be announced.

  • The route of Ruska 2024 celebrates the 100th anniversary of last time something did not exist
  • On a start parkour you are already halfway there
  • The first control is a story told over and over again, for example in 2003 and 2023
  • There are dark clouds at the 2nd control
  • The 3rd control is rather poetic
  • You can find me anywhere. Even at the finish.
  • My new homes, like the start, are always remarkable even though my old home is in ruins
  • The first control was even recognized from space
  • Some 350 km after eventually leaving the 2nd control we had a rendez-vous from where we would continue together as a one
  • There is something fishy in the 3rd control