The Finnish Winter solstice ride

(updated 11.12.2016)

During winter days are short and nights long in Finland. In northest Finland, hunders of kilometers north of Polar circle, night lasts almost 5 weeks. Next sunrise is 16th of january. Below Polar circle there is 1 to 5 hours of sunlight on winter solstice.

Our Talvipäivänseisaus-pyöräily (Winter solstice ride) is sort of a DIY Fleche. A gathering to meet other cyclists. We have 2 finish lines. Participants may ride to either Tampere or Oulu. They may start riding when sun sets at finish line and have to finish before sun rises. Weather may vary. 2016 forecast for Tampere is cloudy and below 0 degrees celcius.

Rules are as follows:

  • Minimum distance is 150 km
  • Single stop may not be longer than 2 hours
  • During last 2 hours you must ride atleast 15 km
  • You may only ride a road once in same direction
  • And as always, remember to use front and tail lights and wear a reflective vest

Rest is up to you. Ride in group or alone. Make your own route as you wish. Enjoy the 19+ hours of complete darkness and empty roads.

Ride will start next saturday, 17th of december, afternoon and finish sunday morning around 10 am. We are expecting over 40 riders to Tampere and a few to Oulu. You can follow #talvipäivänseisaus on Twitter during the event.