Ruska – Day five

Business as usual.

The remaining riders seem to be progressing well, with their own rhythm. Weather is chilly, they are in an area that has little to no population around them, the miles make the feet heavy and so on, but they have found how to make riding and living on the bike pleasant enough. Even with the challenges.

The temperature will drop below freezing during the night. Forecast says it might be -4 in Muonio in the early hours. And snow further north. Let’s hope it won’t be too slippery or thick. Be careful out there, stay warm and search for the next place for pastries #munkkipäivitys

The head of the group

Tre tracker is still lagging occasionally, Matthias Müllers dot hasn’t moved for days, but mostly the tracking does work accurately enough. And we know Matthias is somewhere up there close to Mikko Kainu and Janne Villikka. Janne seems to be furthest north, in Alta. He might get to the finish in Hammerfest already during the early hours tomorrow if he hurries! With the night being so cold, and as there’s not much for accomodation between his current location and the finish, he has to decide what to do now and then stick to it. It would be cold to sleep outside if you don’t have winter sleeping gear. It could be too cold to ride too. Your body does generate heat when moving but is it enough if you’re exhausted? Well, they probably know themselves.

Keep on moving and enjoy the simple life on the road!

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