Ruska – Day six

We have our first finisher!

Janne got to Hammerfest at 04:00 this morning. Chapeau!

MIkko Kainu is heading for the last stretch from Alta now and will likely finish today. Matthias Müller is somewhere there too.


The route really does go very far up north, to the Arctic Ocean. It’s only September, but being in the north, you’d kind of expect there to be some of that white stuff? Well there you have it, the finish parcours looks amazing:

Here’s the place in streetview.


Tuomas and Matti have scratched, both because of some degree of injury in their legs, knees or achilles tendons.

It happens, you know when it is the sensible thing to do and you should also know that you’ve given all you’ve got, which in itself is an achievement. Better luck with your next adventure.

What about the rest of our riders?

All of the remaining riders are now passed the start point of the finish. The beginning of the end, as they say.

It looks like it will drop just below freezing during the next night too, for the ones that are still somewhere inland, but the sky will be clear. At the coast, in Alta, it’ll be a bit warmer, but there will be some rain. Looks like there won’t be more snow now. Or should they get some studded winter tyres from Alta for the last 140 kilometers?