Ruska – Day seven

The end is near

Not much left now, the time limit is after tomorrow at midnight. But fear not, two more riders have finished and all but one of the riders still on road are now in Norway.

Matthias Müller finished after eight yesterday, so he was on the road for just over six days. Mikko Kainu found his way to Hammerfest a few hours later last night.

We will have more finisher today.

Mikko Kainu is heading back already, as you can see on the map, and he managed to spot Pompo Stenberg and Arto Sundström on the road too.

And while on the topic of spotting riders on the road, we also have these pics taken by Sami Välikangas of Mikko Mäkipää and Okko Sirvio!

Mikko Mäkipää, the organizer of Ruska.
Okko Sirvio
Okko Sirvio

Keep up the good work! Looks like you’ve found the autumn foliage that has given the event it’s name, ruska.

The north seems to be giving a good taste of how challenging it can be. The weather doesn’t seem to be too rainy, but it really is not summer anymore. Some of the snow stays on the ground through the day. There is a bit of a headwind too.

There’s still about 30 hours to get to the finish before the time limit. Konstantin Zudov still has about 800 kilometers to go. He might not make it in time for the official finish of Ruska, but he’ll have a priceless adventure . Keep on trucking!

Ahead of him is Arto, near Kautokeino, with something like 270 kilometers ahead of him. We can expect him and the others ahead of him to make it within the time limit to the finish, if nothing too surprising happens.