Transcontinental race 2023 – complete kit list

Time for another Transcontinental race kit list. In the rare cause you’ve missed earlier they can be found at 2022, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015 and 2014. Or you can just skip to this year’s album.


Here we go again. 3rd time with my Orbea Avant. Basic 2×10 speed compact with 50/34 front and 13-29 back. SON deluxe hub dynamo in the front and in the last minute I had to change to Mavic Aksium rear wheel. Old wheel had some extra sounds I didn’t feel like debugging it on the road.

New supports for the saddlebag means I can also use a bigger saddlebag this year. Otherwise mostly same bags as last year. 3 Apidura food pouches in front. Missgrape frame and top tube bags. Carradice saddlebag with Ortlieb pouch for the tracker and Apiruda fork bag for camping kit.


In the front the usual Iq-x dynamo light, Lupine Piko and a GoPro.


Meanwhile in the rear two new Secuzed taillights with proper reflectors. In the bag again some red reflective tape and for blinding people a Niterider Solas usb charging light.



Handlebar as a bit simpler than last year. Garmin edge remote on top and Piko remote under the armrest.


The left Apidura pouch has cables and powerbank in the Ortlieb pouch. Also more importantly it has Sinewave Revolution usb dynamocharger. I’ve done 0 rides in rain with it. Hence it is wait and see what happens. Mounting it upwards may not have been the best idea, but it is in the pouch anyways.



Now the wear. Short sleeve merino jersey with PBP’20 embroidery. Short, helmet, socks, shoes and brand new gloves. Also naturally the cap. Pockets have phone, wallet/passport/brevet card and phone. Zipper pocket typically for wireless headset.


All the other clothes are in the saddlebag. Jersey, arm warmers, knee warms, spare socks, spare bibs, gloves, light rain gloves, buff and light toe warmers.


And here are the clothes to be used during hotel stops. Also in the saddlebag.


Tools are in the frame bag. The usual spare tire, tubes, patches, oil, rags, cleat, zip ties, tape, shifter cable, brake cable, derailleur hanger, Garmin mount, light mount and spare tube for the pump. Tools are again a Topeak mini 20 and a multitool.


Hygiene stuff is also in the frame bag. Nothing special or new here. Toothpaste and toothbrush, some deodorant and soap, bandaid and razor. Two small chamois cream containers to be used when the main chamois cream jar is in the bike.


Also in the frame bag is another power bank mainly to be used for charing the phone and headset. They fit into the waterproof pouch while being charged.


In left left pocket of the saddlebag are sunscreen and a musette. This year I only have one (65 watt Anker) charger with 2x usb-c and 1x usb-a outputs. Along with it two long usb-c cables and a micro/usb-c combo usb-a cable. They are all inside a Lezyne tool bottle. The idea with only one charger is that in case it fails I should always be able to make to some place where I can buy a new one.

The right pocket of the saddlebag has packable backpack, main jar of chamois cream and a reflective vest with a Petzl actik headlight. The decade old Petzl Tikka 2 xp is still a lot better headlight in terms of usability, but new usb batteries are not being sold and it isn’t particularly bright light.


Two of the food pouches are reserved for food (surprise). The third one that also has the Sinewave is for charging stuff needed on the bike. Cables, adapters for usb Lupine charging (to and from) and passthrough powerbank


In the side pockets of the Apidura food pouches are camera tripod, hand disinfectant, hand cleaning cream, camera tripod, GoPro helmet mount and 2 small bottles of chain cleaner.


In the saddlebag is ”emergency everything”. 2nd Lupine battery, 2nd Garmin, 2nd usb Lupine charger, instant patches and the mandatory cycle bell.


Finally under the saddlebag the camping kit. Some bubble wrap and MSR e-bivy. Same as last year.

Ps. missing from the list is bag of toilet paper (saddlebag), a spork (top tube bag) and work glove (top tube bag).